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Film Set


At the tender age of 14, Tommy and Aaveen initially became acquainted at Orange County High School of the Arts. Their friendship wouldn’t blossom into a full-fledged partnership until many years down the line. After losing touch for over a decade, the pair eventually reconnected in 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic when Tommy reached out to Aaveen, seeking his expertise on an independent short film, "True Family". 


Despite the hurdles that were inherently encountered when attempting to create during such a tumultuous time, the creative team managed to get it done and accrue multiple awards to boot. Over the course of the production, the two filmmakers discovered they had a rapport that was naturally conducive to fruitful collaborations, thus deciding to continue their artistic pursuits beyond the current project. They decided to co-found their writing team and production company, FRAGILE HEART FILMS. 


The dedication towards putting pen to paper each and every day is what makes this creative team unique. A handful of TV pilots and multiple feature length screenplays later, the two founding members of fragile heart have amassed a body of work that exhibits their versatility, range, and facile ability to churn out quality writing within brief turn around periods. Their work has gone on to accumulate numerous accolades at film festivals on both coasts, garnering recognition that would certainly make fragile heart the next team to watch.

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