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Why fragile heart?

fragile heart represents the deep impressionability of the spirit and psyche - its propensity to form an emotional investment, its eagerness to suspend disbelief.

It speaks to the human condition. By virtue of being human, we are highly sensitive, emotional beings with fragile hearts. And as humans, what have we enjoyed since the dawn of civilization? 




Stories have always made us feel something. They have impacted us, shaping our perceptions while eliciting an emotional response. 


That very response is something unconfined by time period or era— 


It is the timeless and indelible truth of humanity.

Our mission is to produce visual content that resonates with viewers, regardless of genre, scale or platform. From creating the overall strategy, to organizing and executing the shoot, to managing the multifaceted post-production process, we ensure our clients’ projects are seamless from start to finish.


Whether you’re starting with a vague idea or a fully-fleshed out concept, fragile heart films can bring your vision to life. If you have an upcoming project, don't hesitate to reach out.

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